We Give a Sip give a shit about young drivers and safe driving. We are all about having enjoyable, informative and inspiring conversations to change driving culture and choices.

We believe conversations are the most powerful, the most effective and the most enjoyable way to change driving choices. We create an environment in which we listen to all thoughts and experiences and we encourage young people to share what is really going on in their lives associated with driving. Then we collaborate on ways to change and evolve our driving culture and choices.

Sharing a drink is a great way to initiate and open up conversations. Which is literally why we are called ‘we give a sip! Join us for a drink and a 15 minute conversation…


We Give a Sip started life in 2013 as STEER Project through which we provided Voluntary Breath Testing at festivals and community events. Over the years we have learnt creating personal connections and having conversations is the best way to change the choices people are making. We are now taking the lessons we learnt at festivals and events to houses and campsites around Australia and having the conversations we haven’t been having about safe driving.


You can check out some of the surprising discoveries we have made in these Reports and Research Papers.

We Give a Sip and is a project auspiced through Evolvelove. Evolvelove is a little profit-for-purpose organisation with a big vision i.e. to have conversations we’re not having about critical choices.

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